Community Involvement

TLMUA is dedicated to building stronger local communities were we do business. Our online shop will have ability for customers to aid in projects and charities at the end of there shopping experience. Causes will be selected by those that we connect and relate to our industry, and local immediate need projects such as disaster relief efforts in local communities we serve.

In addition to customer contributions, TLMUA will contribute to promoted causes with financial contributions and company work hours.

Community involvement includes, past and present;


Having personally impacted by family member with disability, our choice for studio location will keep in mind access to our facilities for disabled customers. Since are main service activities are mobile we will ensure choice is available for our service to be brought right to your doorstep, including our products.

This includes employing people with disabilities to contribute their skills to our team, and opportunities are available.

Again, as we grow this area of our business will continue to be revisited and whenever we have feedback from you…our clients!

The Green Info…

Just as consumers have choice, at TLMUA, we take our business choices seriously, including the way we obtain the products we sell. We strive to have a positive impact not only within our store and corporate family, but also in the manner in which they are produced and manufactured and always respecting Mother Earth.

We continue to watch how much plastic, disposables we use in the studio and on location are tossed into the garbage and always consider our environment when it comes to shipping and receiving products. From compacts to our tools in our applications, we strive to be better in respecting Mother Earth.

As TLMUA grows we will continue to add on more programs to ensure our business is leading in taking care of our customers, our TLMUA family and our external partners do their part.


TLMUA has taken the time to research all options for products to offer its customers. All products are made and supplied in Canada to minimize need to for additional resources and cost of energy.

We spend 6-8 months testing on ourselves and our closest friends prior to introducing it to our personal and professional applications and of course retailing to our favourite customers.


Shipping boxes are non-labeled or ink-printed, to eliminate use of process inks. All bags or other materials, we will try and minimize additional labeling and waste materials or inks.

Packaging materials are selected to encourage your ease of recycling after receiving your product shipment or after visiting our studio. Hey…reuse the box or bag…or…recycle the packaging that comes from plastic compacts and tubes to boxes and bags… We are going to do our part, so you gotta do your part…

We will always be looking to minimize our waste stream, but your products have to come in something right?!


As we mentioned already we will always be looking for ways to improve our efficiency and energy use as part of our goals. We will continue to try new technologies and offerings to reduce energy use in all operations when available to us.

If we find some something cool that can help our customers too… we will pass it along and add it below…so keep you posted!

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