When it feels like winter just won’t end around here, we understand that a combination of good skin care + proper makeup that is supportive to your skin’s needs is crucial.

We love a good gentle exfolitaion of AHA’s to help slough off dead skin and keep our skin glowing and shining, but we also love makeup that enhances our natural skin as it is. Skin should look like skin and never look cakey or clog pores.

As all of our makeup is non-comedogenic, our foundations are top notch with ingredients such as wheat germ and vitamin E to support skin structure, elasticity and best of all, no fragrance to irritate sensitive skin.

Gentle cleansing soap to remove makeup, add warm water, rinse well every evening to allow skin to rejuvenate itself.

Find your foundation tone here https://trenalaine.com/newshop/product-category/face/

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