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cruelty free | made in canada

cruelty free | made in canada

UPDATE: Due to COVID-19 we are still shipping product across Canada, however please note that we no longer offer exhanges on top of no refunds. If product was purchased through another retailer please connect directly with the retailer.

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I have had the honor to sample the Trena Laine Makeup line and it is perfect. The colours are wonderful, the gloss tastes and smells delicious (& it looks fab on all skin tones!!)

Seriously, everyone’s in for a treat, the new makeup line is so flattering and versatile.

The lip gloss looks like a fun bright colour, but goes on beautifully for a subtle yet feminine touch of pink, perfect for a natural lip boost. Adore the elegant packaging, looks and feels like a luxurious product.

Meet Trena

The Trena Laine team has always used products that lean towards holistic ingredients, have healing properties and available through our best suppliers. We have prided ourselves on using the best of the best after all these years and to say we also use same products for our personal use.

Following years of working with all skin types, concerns, skin conditions and for the longevity of the day/event, in our CEO, Trena Olfert’s, heart she understood that it was time to launch our own luxury product line several years ago. A product line that offers our clients face friendly, high standard pigments and gentle ingredients across the board.  Ingredients that are not toxic to wear but also preserve the quality and shelf life of our products.

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